The effects of culture media and various NAA, sucrose and mesos concentrations on in vitro propagation of Gerbera jamesonii

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1 Mohaghegh Ardebili Univ

2 Mohaghegh ardabili Univ



Gerbera jamesonii Bolus is one of the most popular ornamental plants worldwide and its micrpropgation allows to produce a large number of true to type plants with good quality in a short time. In vitro propagation of gerbera requires culture media supplemented with specific concentrations of minerals, organic supplements and energy sources. The aim of this study was to determine suitable culture medium and evaluate different concentrations of sucrose and Naphtalic Acetic Acid (NAA) for in vitro development of gerbera explants. Micro shoots of two gerbera cultivars (Artist and Brilliance) were cultured on four different culture media and the effect of various concentrations of sucrose (20 and 30 g L-1) as well as MgSO4.7H2O and CaCl2.2H2O (0.5X, 1X and 1.5X) on in vitro propagation properties were examined. MS medium provided better shoot development and application of lower concentration of sucrose improved the efficiency of gerbera micropropagation. In Artist cultivar, the highest number of shoots were obtained by using 20 g L-1 of sucrose and with or without NAA application (9.08 micro shoots per explant). In contrast, Brilliance produced the highest number of shoots by using 20 g L-1 of sucrose and 0.1 mg L-1 of NAA (7.4 micro shoots per explant). In addition, the increase or decrease of MgSO4.7H2O and CaCl2.2H2O did not change propagation efficiency. The results can contribute to optimize bioreactor systems for large-scale production.


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