A Review on Isolation Sources of Lactiplantibacillus Plantarum in Iran and Other Countries from Food Sources and with Food Applications

Document Type : Review Paper


1 Department of Biotechnology, Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Biotechnology, Iranian Research Organization for Science & Technology (IROST), Tehran, Iran, Postal code 33131-93685


4 Department of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Tehran Medical Sciences, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran, Postal code 19496-35881.


Fermented foods are popular for their beneficial effects on human health. Fermented food products can be generally classified into five groups, including meat products, grain products, dairy products, vegetable products, bread, and fermented drinks. Lactiplantibacillus plantarum (Lb. plantarum) is one of the safest probiotic strains. Lb. plantarum is mostly isolated from dairy products as well as fermented and non-fermented products and the mucous and digestive system of humans and animals. In addition to its many uses and benefits in the industrial and clinical field, this bacterium can be used by people of different ages and with any health status because this bacterium is one of the main members of the gastrointestinal microflora. Investigations showed that Lb. plantarum has many strains, and probably in any region, certain strains of it are more abundant in the native products of that region, which may cause differences in the microbiota of people and then differences in health and behavioral characteristics. Therefore, studying the native species and strains of bacteria and changing or regulating the microbiota of people with appropriate probiotics can overcome health and behavioral problems. The result of this study can be concluded that Iran has a high potential for identifying different types of probiotics, including Lb. plantarum, due to the variety of food and dairy products.


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